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In the charge of Keith Terry
Online training | 2 hours

An introduction to Body Music as developed by Keith Terry, this first volume features Body Music technique, rhythm blocks, polymeters, time step, phasing and polyrhythms. Ideal rhythmic exercises for teachers and students of any music and dance.

What is Body Music? The Village Voice says: Keith Terry “claps his hands, rubs his palms, finger-pops, stamps his feet, brushes his soles, slaps his butt and belly, pops his cheek, whomps his chest, skips and slides, sings and babbles and coughs, building his music out of a surprisingly varied register of sounds and clever rhythmic variations.”

Using the Oldest Instrument on the Planet – the Human Body (your own) – this Body Music Instructional Video will teach you to clap, slap, snap and step your way through some very fun and funky rhythmic music.

"…a crossing of cultures, a blurring of boundaries at its most sensitive, most humanistic, and most magical."
Keith Terry

Percussionista, rhythm dancer i educador 

Membre fundador i director de Crosspulse, organització artística californiana que des de fa més de 35 anys es dedica a la creació, interpretació i gravació de música i dansa intercultural basada en el ritme. Va ser professor del departament d’Arts i Cultures del Món de la Universitat de Califòrnia (1998-2005) i des del 2008 organitza l’International Body Music Festival. Ha impartit nombrosos tallers i comissions coreogràfiques arreu del món, i és especialment conegut per les seves actuacions de percussió corporal.

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