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Cante Flamenco Global Method. Por alegrías.

Online training | 4 hours


Online Course with 13 videos so you can learn at your own pace

+ 1 Master Class with Alba Guerrero live via Streaming.

Language: Spanish with English subtitles.

All the keys of Flamenco Singing in this course por Alegrías. With Método de Cante Flamenco Global. Por alegrias you will understands the compás, the accents, the vocal resources and the metal or timbre of Flamenco voices.

How does the course work?

After watching videos 2 and 3, which deal with palmas and vocal warm-up, we will study, in this order:



Three letras (videos 4 to 8)

Once you have studied them well, we recommend that you record yourself using the Play Along tracks.

Next, you will study videos 9 and 10, concerning timbre of the voice.
If you want to sing for Flamenco Dancing, you should also study video 11 to learn the singing codes to accompany the Flamenco Dance.

You no longer need to travel to learn how to sing flamenco.

¡Vamos allá!

- Online Course with 13 didactic videos (Total of 120')
- Recommended personal workload: 40' per day for 8 weeks.

- Didactic materials in pdf format.
- The entire course script with extra comments that do not appear in the videos (31 pages).
- Chapter on alegrías rhythm by Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros.
- Article on vocal technique in flamenco singing.
- Guide to vocal resources by Alba Guerrero.
- Recommendations to take care of your voice and rules of vocal hygiene.
- Glossary of flamenco terms.

- A playlist to give you a historical and artistic perspective, with examples of each of the styles of alegrías we are going to study.

- Two folders with the recording of the alegrías without the voice so that you can practice as if you were accompanied by the guitar and palmas, at various speeds (Play Along).

+ 1 Masterclass with Alba Guerrero live via Streaming 120'.
March 16, 2021.

Translated with (free version)
Spanish with English subtitles
Includes group mentoring session with Alba Guerrero via videoconference (Zoom)
Alba Guerrero Manzano

Cantaora, investigadora y profesora de cante flamenco desarrolla su actividad artística y docente a nivel internacional en festivales, congresos, conservatorios, escuelas de música y academias de flamenco.

Alba es creadora del Método Alba Guerrero y autora de varios artículos sobre la técnica vocal en el cante flamenco, especialmente sobre los recursos vocales flamencos, tema de su Tesis de Maestría "Sistema de tipificación de recursos vocales flamencos: Práctica de seis adornos, efectos, ataques y vibratos" (ESMUC, 2018).

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Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros

Bernat Jiménez de Cisneros Puig (Barcelona, 1973) es licenciado y máster en Bellas Artes (Universidad de Barcelona 1995 y 1999), graduado superior en guitarra flamenca por el Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu (2000) y doctor en Historia del Arte y Musicología por la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (2019). Como profesor especializado en flamenco, acumula más de 20 años de experiencia docente impartiendo talleres de guitarra, de palmas y de combo flamenco en centros cívicos y escuelas de música, así como en el Conservatori del Liceu (2001) y la Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (2007).

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