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Come play with us! Amchoor & Essence (ENG)

Formació online | 2 hores

Do you play brass or woodwind instruments, drums or percussion?

Are you an Ensemble teacher or a Band/Brass Band/Big Band conductor?

Do you like our music and would you love to have the sheet music to play it with your band?

In this course you will be able to learn and practice the Balkan Paradise Orchestra songs "Amchoor" and "Essence".

  • We will show you how we play and rehearse them.

  • You'll find drums, percussion and tuba’s grooves adaptations; wind instruments’ articulations and phrasing; tips for improvising and working on complex passages and some additional information about how we compose.

  • You will also know about our vision and the evolution of our movement on stage and what is important to keep in mind when playing and dancing at the same time.


The course includes:

  •  10 videos with tips, techniques and exercises to play "Amchoor" and "Essence":

    1. Amchoor’s Grooves (Malfuf)
    2. Amchoor’s Grooves (Punjab)
    3. Amchoor’s Melodies
    4. Introduction to improvisation
    5. Amchoor’ Solo
    6. Essence’s Grooves
    7. Essence’s Melodies
    8. Essence’ Solo
    9. How Essence was made
    10. Basic introduction to playing the darbuka

  • Video about how we work with movement on stage
  • Play along Amchoor’ Solo
  • Play along Essence’ Solo
  • Amchoor’s full score and parts (pdf and xml)
  • Essence’s full score and parts (pdf and xml)
Produced by Balkan Paradise Orchestra

Eva Garín: Clarinet

Laura Lacueva: Clarinet

Mila González: Trumpet

Berta Gala: Trumpet

Alba Careta: Trumpet

Alba Ramírez: Horn

Maria Cofan: Trombone

Maria Puertas: Tuba

Olivia Casas: Tuba

Elisenda Fàbregas: Percussion

Núria Perich: Drums


Recorded at La Atlántida Estudio (Barcelona)
Videos are in Spanish with English subtitles.
Balkan Paradise Orchestra

Balkan Paradise Orchestra actualment està format per:

Alba Ramírez a la trompa, Berta Gala a la trompeta, Eli Fàbregas a la percusió, Eva Garín al clarinet i clarinet baix, Laura Lacueva al clarinet, Maria Cofan al trombó, Maria Puertas a la tuba, Mila González a la trompeta, Núria Perich a la batería i Olivia Casas a la tuba.

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